Clare Marie Bailey was born and grew up on the Island of Anglesey in Wales where she is currently based and works.

Her passion for film photography started when she began documenting the outsider characters of her home town with an old 35mm camera as a teenager. Falling deeply in love with film's dynamic and at times mercurial and almost random character Clare committed herself to­­ film and works predominantly with instant,120 and 35mm films and analogue cameras.

Clare’s work, centered on self-portraits, is heavily influenced by the cinema, magical iconography, dreams, the counterculture of the 1960’s and B-Movies. Clare uses film to work towards creating an alternative world where she can co-exist with the ‘real’ world and is fascinated with the idea of ‘doubles’ and ‘doppelgangers’ and the concept of reinvention.

Her work has been exhibited internationally and is featured in: Polaroid Now: The History and Future of Polaroid Photography alongside artists such as Andy Warhol and Keith Haring.

Currently a group member of the 12:12 project that brings together international Polaroid artists shooting a different theme for each month throughout the year

Clare's work is in a permanent collection in the Polaroid Museum in Bombay Beach California and her work is represented by the artist  Stefanie Schneider.

Clare is also one half of Mirror Gaze a musical duo that create dark and naïve drone pop.

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